Flight attendant faints after hitting her head in turbulent flight

ATR photo

An Air New Zealand flight attendant had to be rescued after being hit in her head and passed out during turbulence. The accident occurred on October 7th during a regional flight from Wellington to Christchurch, just over 400 km away, on board an ATR-72, as in the photo above.

According to reports from New Zealand newspaper Stuff, two flight attendants found it difficult to move during sudden turbulence shortly after take-off. There were sudden bumps, but short-lived. One passenger told the newspaper that he saw one of the flight attendants with his hand behind his head and complaining of great pain.

The flight attendant sat down and said she was feeling better and got up again. About 10 minutes later, she passed out in the back of the plane, the newspaper said with witnesses. “A man in front of me jumped up and helped the other flight attendant to sit down,” one of the passengers said of the report.

Passengers and other crew members resuscitated and looked after the flight attendant until she arrived at Christchurch Airport. The entire flight took about 55 minutes. After landing, paramedics got on and hired the flight attendant before other passengers could depart. Air New Zealand declined to report the employee’s health.

According to the Paddle Your Own Kanoo portal, the New Zealand Air Transport Accident Investigation Committee has not yet opened an investigation into the incident.

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