Flapper announces crowdfunding campaign to fund 2.5 million in national and international expansion

Flapper, the leading on-demand executive airline company, announces the launch of the Reais 2.5 million crowdfunding campaign. The offer represents the final installment of a major Series A-level investment that will be announced in 2020. SMU Crowdfunding was selected as a partner in the round together with other investors. SMU was founded in 2013 and is considered the first crowdfunding platform in Brazil.

In 2019, Flapper increased sales by 251% and intends to maintain triple-digit growth in 2020. The rapid growth seen this year is due to inquiries during the pandemic, which resulted from the decline in supply from commercial airlines. the expansion of its service to cargo and aviation flights.

Paul Malicki CEO

According to Paul Malicki, CEO of Flapper, the funds will be used to accelerate the expansion of its core business model and start operations overseas. The São Paulo-born company now has offices in Belo Horizonte and Rio de Janeiro. It also intends to open four new markets in Latin America and open additional shared routes to airports that are not available in commercial aviation in Brazil.

“We want to be the regional leader in charter and shared flights and offer the most diverse services on the market. Our long-term commitment is to democratize the private aviation sector and expand its size from its current 300,000 users to more than 2.3 million potential customers in Brazil alone, ”says Paul.

The CEO also argues that the choice of crowdfunding as part of his investment search was natural given the type of service Flapper offered, such as the company’s customer profile.

“Outside of football, aviation is probably the only sector where so many people are passionate about what they do.” – says Malicki – “If you still think that many of our customers have high purchasing power, you can easily imagine how many orders Flapper receives to open part of our equity for third parties.”

“We have invested in all the companies available on the ‘Startmeup’ platform and Flapper is sticking to our thesis.” – commented Rodrigo Carneiro, CEO of SMU – “A company with an innovative model already works with paying customers and, above all, with partners and an exceptional team. In addition to the above-average growth of 200% during the pandemic. Brazil has more than 2500 airports, but less than 100 of which are connected by commercial aviation. Flapper solves this problem for tourists, professionals and cargo. “

About the campaign

To contribute, customers need to create an account at and select the offer they want. The resources of the flapper campaign include, for example, videos, discussion groups with partners and investors, presentations and even the return-on-investment simulator. Reservation and payment are made in real time. Customers can pay by ticket or credit card and collect miles for their purchase. For the individual investor, one of the benefits is to invest alongside venture capital funds and institutional investors, which in the case of Flapper include SMU Investimentos, Confrapar, ACE Accelerator and other seasoned angels.

Flapper is the first executive aviation company on call in Brazil, offering joint flight and charter services upon request.

The company offers scheduled flights in the Southeast region to 10 high season destinations across the country. It has certified more than 450 charter aircraft on its platform and reports over 200,000 registered users on its system.

SMU is one of the largest crowdfunding platforms for investing in Brazil, duly registered with the CVM. For investors, SMU is the gateway to diversifying investments in the real economy and in the world of innovation. For entrepreneurs, access to smart money by connecting companies, funds, professional investors and dedicated client investors. One of the differences of the platform is the fact that SMU and its partners use their own resources in all investment rounds and thus create an alignment of interests with the investors. The company, founded in 2013 by partners Rodrigo Carneiro and Diego Perez, started its work in the national market in 2015. Since then it has carried out more than 22 fundraising drives and invested more than R $ 30 million in start-up investments.

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