First air evacuation of a patient with Covid19 by the Argentine Army Noticias

Aviation Command, Directorate-General Health, Campo de Mayo Military Hospital, QBN 601 Emergency Support Company, and the Army Aviation Reserve Element worked hard to develop the equipment and procedures needed to carry out this new ground force capability.

The contribution of the Argentine companies to the equipment was also crucial as they provided the army with the necessary funds for these operations. Geotex company donated a level 2 biosecurity module to house the aeromedical evacuation team and patient in a safe area for the rest of the flight crew. HRG Consultora Aeronutica donated a portable ozone container to decontaminate the biosecurity module and the aircraft after the flight. The Fixwiew company loaned the army a vacuum biosafety capsule to hold the patient. The Foundation for the Development of Sterilization in Argentina worked with the ozone tests and the revision of the decontamination procedures. Retired Army aviation officers personnel donated personal protective items for the flight crew. And Army Aviation Reserve Element personnel carried out the decontamination of the aircraft. (Luis Pieiro)

Photography: Argentine Army.

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