FAB uses the Black Hawk helicopter to rescue fire stricken animals

The H60L Black Hawk has been used to support the State Council for the Environment and the Regional Council for Veterinary Medicine and Zoo Technology of Mato Grosso do Sul (CRMV-MS).

Wing 5 in Campo Grande (MS) by the crew of the second squadron of the 10th Aviation Group (2nd / 10th GAV) – Pelican Squadron, which was deployed on Tuesday (20) in the transport of about a ton of various foods for animals that affected by fires in Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul, in addition to animals. The action was coordinated by the Regional Council for Veterinary Medicine and Zoo Technology of Mato Grosso do Sul (CRMV-MS).

Food such as corn, meat, fruit and vegetables were distributed in five different regions of the Nascentes do Taquari State Park in Alcinópolis (MS). There was also food distribution in Serra do Amolar in Corumbá (MS).

For the pilot of the aircraft, Lieutenant Aviator Luís Fernando Chuaste do Amaral, participation in this mission was a reward. “It is a mission that enlarges us as humans because, in some ways, we work together to restore nature, and this is a unique opportunity that being part of a search and rescue unit gives us,” he said.

For the President of CRMV-MS, Rodrigo Bordin Piva, the support of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) was essential. “Given that previously inaccessible areas were reached with air support, the mission could not have been better. These are areas that are considered escape routes for animals. No land or waterway access is possible in at least three of these areas. In other places, it could take up to two months for such an operation to arrive, ”he said.

In addition to transporting food, an agouti – a Pantanal animal that suffered burns to its legs – was taken to the Wild Animal Rehabilitation Center (CRAS) in Campo Grande.

FAB Information – Photos: Captain Stolf and Soldier Avalhaes / Wing 5

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