FAB officially presents the F-39E Gripen to the Brazilian nation

The Gripen E, known as the F-39E Gripen by the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), was officially unveiled today, October 23, during the Air Force Day and Air Force Day celebration held in Wing 1 in Brasilia. The aircraft flew over the air force base after the smoke squadron reported.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro attended the ceremony. the Brazilian Defense Minister Fernando Azevedo e Silva; the Swedish Ambassador to Brazil, Johanna Brosmar-Skoogh; the Commander of the Brazilian Air Force, Brigadier General of the Air Antonio Carlos Moretti Bermudez; the commander of the Swedish Air Force, Major General Carl-Johan Edström; the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Saab, Marcus Wallenberg; Saab President and CEO, including Micael Johansson.

“It’s a great honor to see Gripen at the ceremony that alludes to Aviator Day and Brazilian Air Force Day. I believe that there is no more representative occasion for this presentation, as it is certainly very important for all Brazilian pilots to fly the plane in the sky of the country, ”said Micael Johansson, CEO and President of Saab. “This is the result of real collaboration between Brazil and Sweden and a great opportunity to further strengthen ties between the countries.”

Lieutenant Brigadier Bermudez emphasized that the new fighter was getting closer to the start of the operation through the FAB.

“The development and manufacture of the Smart Fighter – the Smart Fighter – has also been closely monitored by members of the armed forces and includes experts from several Brazilian companies. October 23, 2020 is therefore even more special as we have the official presentation of the first F-39 Gripen to arrive in Brazil. “

The aircraft arrived in Brazil on September 20 and three days later made its first flight in the country between Navegantes (SC) and Gavião Peixoto (SP) to continue the flight test program.

In Brazil, activities include tests on flight control and air conditioning systems and tests on aircraft under tropical climatic conditions. In addition to the tests that are common for Gripen E program aircraft, unique features of Brazilian aircraft are being tested in Brazil, such as arms integration and the Link BR2 communication system, which provides encrypted data and voice communications between aircraft.

The first fighters will be delivered to the Brazilian Air Force in Wing 2 in Anápolis (GO) from the end of 2021.

The Gripen program

The partnership with Brazil began in 2014 with an order to develop and manufacture 36 Gripen E / F aircraft for the Brazilian Air Force, including systems, support and equipment. An extensive technology transfer program that has been running for ten years is driving the development of the local aviation industry through partner companies participating in the Brazilian Gripen program.

During this time, more than 350 Brazilian technicians and engineers in Sweden will take theoretical and practical training courses to acquire the knowledge necessary to carry out the same tasks in Brazil. So far, more than 230 professionals have completed the courses and most of them are back in the country working at the Gripen Design and Development Center (GDDN, from the Gripen Design and Development Network).

The Gripen E / F fighters that are delivered to the FAB are designed and manufactured in collaboration with Brazilian technicians and engineers. The complete assembly of 15 aircraft on site will begin in 2021. The development of the two-seater Gripen F is progressing with numerous activities on the GDDN.

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