FAB is making progress on the communication project between air vectors and ground stations

PICTURE: Rafaela Reinehr and Tito Rossi – FAB

In September, Mectron Comm – a Brazilian company of the Ael Sistemas Group – presented the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) with the progress of the Link-BR2 project. The Link-BR2 system enables the FAB to communicate in real time between air vectors and command and control stations.

This communication, which is carried out using an encrypted protocol and with a high level of security, enables the exchange of radar information, the exchange of messages, videos and other numerous operational applications and enables the expansion of the situational awareness of all network participants in the air and on the ground.

The presentation took place in two moments, the first in wing 3 in Canoas (RS) and the second at the company’s headquarters in Porto Alegre (RS). Design reviews were addressed during the meetings when reviewing changes to the F-5M hunting platform and communication protocol. The changes that enable integration into the Tactical Data Linking System were also reviewed. The FAB team also visited the laboratory to demonstrate the necessary tests to ensure the reliability of the developed steps.

In a joint effort to manage and oversee the development of the Link-BR2 project, representatives from the Combat Aircraft Program Coordinating Committee (COPAC), the Aerospace Task Force (COMAE) and the General Support Command (COMGAP) , the Preparatory Command (COMPREP), the Department of Aerospace Science and Technology (DCTA) and the Department of Air Control (DECEA).

According to the project manager at COPAC, the great communications specialist Romulo Silva de Oliveira, the presentation made it possible to check the current maturity phase of the program. “We are very satisfied with the development presented and are confident that we are preparing the flight test campaign, which will begin soon. The integration of the various media into the Link-BR2 network will bring the Air Force to a new operational level and enable effective action in the age of network-centric warfare (NCW), ”concluded the major.

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