F-18, Eurofighters and Tigres in the Air Force’s Lucex exercise at the Bardenas Rifle Range-Noticias

F-18 aircraft from Wings 12 (Torrejn Air Base) and 15 (Zaragoza Air Base), Eurofighter from Wing 14 (Albacete Air Base), C-101 from Matacn Air Base (Salamanca) and a Tigre helicopter from Attack Helicopter Battalion I. ., based in Almagro (Ciudad Real), participated in the Lucex 21-01 exercise to train air controllers JTAC (Joint Terminal Air Controller) and units in air operations that precisely support surface forces.

With them the TACP teams (Taltical Air Control Party) of the Parachute Sapper Squadron (EZAPAC), into which the JTACs of various units were integrated, as well as evaluators and trainers from the Military Parachute School of Alcantarilla (Murcia). where the NATO-approved center for training and qualification of JTACs is located. The Mistral anti-aircraft missiles of the Parachute Brigade and the Aragon Army Brigade intervened as opposition forces.

The exercise was carried out simultaneously in two scenarios: the first at the Bardenas firing range, where the training weapons were fired and the cannon fired from the aircraft; and a second scenario set up on that occasion north of the Sierra de Alcubierre in the province of Huesca, where several inflatable targets were installed that simulated the targets to be located and marked by the JTAC.

The exercise was planned and conducted by the Training and Assessment Department and Air Operations Center at Combat Air Command Headquarters at Torrejn Air Base.

Photographs: Images of the Air Force’s Lucex exercise.

Text and Photography Army of the Air.

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