Expal presents its new Dual EIMOS mortar for the Marine Corps

Expal organized a demonstration at the Retn training camp in Cdiz to introduce its new mortar with dual EIMOS embarkation to a delegation from the Ministry of Defense. Among them were the Chief of Staff of the Navy, the Lieutenant General of the Logistics Support Command of the Army and the Commander General of the Marines.

Two different systems took part in the demonstration, as there was the already well-known EIMOS, which the company referred to as EIMOS 2018, and the new dual EIMOS. While the first system was operated by members of the Legion’s Experimental Brigade, the dual EIMOS was operated by a Marine Corps crew.

Expal has adapted its mortar for an EIMOS light vehicle to the requirements of the General Staff of the Navy in order to equip the Brigade of the Infantera de Marina Tercio de Armada (BRIMAR-TEAR) with up to 18 units of a new mortar for vehicles (MSV). The previously known Talos fire management system has been integrated into the new on-board mortar.

Dual-EIMOS is a system that was developed from EIMOS 2018 as part of an R&D program funded by the Directorate-General for Planning, Technology and Innovation (SDG PLATIN). A number of design changes were made as part of this program, including deep-watering capability essential to the Marines. This capacity was assessed under the program after landings were made on the beach.

It is a system that follows the shoot-and-scoot philosophy, according to which mobile artillery systems must be able to deploy quickly, open fire and leave position before they are located and threatened by the enemy with counter-battery fire . (Jos M Navarro Garca)

Photo: A mortar shell leaves the tube of the Dual EIMOS (Expal)

The two embarked mortars open fire during the demonstration (Expal)

A dual EIMOS gets out of a landing craft (Expal)

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