Expal brings its extended range ammunition, the 81mm dual EIMOS mortar and its advanced marine proximity fuse to Emirates -news

Expal Systems will present its latest developments and technologies to improve the operational capabilities of the land, sea and air forces at the international defense trade fair IDEX 2021 (Abu Dhabi, February 21-25). The new 81 mm high-speed mortar system deserves special mention. Under the name Dual-EIMOS, its advanced capabilities allow deep pumping of up to 1.5 m without preparation.

Dual-EIMOS can be integrated into the Techfire fire information system from Expal. Automatic fire control, interoperability via the C2 system and 360-degree aiming without changing position make it possible to improve the survivability of the troops in all types of military operations.

As part of its leadership role in mortar systems and integration options, the company is working on a lead kit for 120mm mortar that is scalable for 155mm cartridges. Together with its proposal for infantry units, it will also be showing its complete family of high-performance artillery for 155 m caliber with a range of up to 40 km, which has been developed according to the highest NATO standards. For the naval forces, the company is highlighting its ammunition proposal for 76mm and 5 “/ 127mm with a proximity fuse to increase the Navy’s anti-aircraft capabilities.

Expal, a systems supplier in more than 60 countries, ensures the integration and quality of its products thanks to its know-how and the internal development and manufacture of strategic ammunition components such as projectiles, fuses and energy material.

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