Exercise to integrate fire support of the X Brigade of Land Army Noticias

The field artillery group of the Guzmn el Bueno X Brigade carried out the copper exercise between April 5th and 9th at the Cerro Muriano maneuvering and shooting range (Cordoba) to improve the preparation and consolidation of the integration of the elements of the brigade are part of the fire support system or will likely be part of it.

During the maneuvers, the mortar divisions of the protected infantry battalion of Princess I / 2 and the knight group Almansa II / 10 were involved. In addition, the ERESMA project (expansion of the network of sensors for fire support missions) was included in the exercise, which shows a high degree of consolidation in the brigade. On this occasion, Leopard 2E main battle tank teams, teams of sniper rifles and teams of information gathering were prepared and validated. The purpose of this activity was to train these teams to use the toe and observation elements of their combat platforms to achieve goals.

The sensors increase the action capacity of the Advanced Artillery Observer by expanding its range of action on the battlefield thanks to the technological possibilities offered by the brigades. In this way, by expanding the sensor network by the capacity that can be assigned to the fire protection system, the possibilities are increased to apply fires in good time in any situation.

Exercise Copper I / 21 is included in the Guzmn el Bueno X Brigade’s annual preparation plan for 2021.

Photo: Fire effects of the self-propelled ATP M-109 during the exercise.

Army text and photo.

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