EMU members test the drone? Elios 2? together with the City Police of Madrid

The components of the military emergency unit were able to monitor the operation of every aircraft deployed by the Madrid City Police Corps.

Several videos were shown to demonstrate its capabilities and technology. The air force division of the corps, which is attached to the technical security unit, consists of 21 employees. The areas of application of the UAS, among others by the city police, are the control of spills and the protection of the environment, the support of police operations with entry and registration, the control of the capacity and the monitoring of the concentration of people, controls and safety devices as well as emergencies.

The UME commanders were particularly interested in the functionality of the Elios 2 model; A drone for flights in confined spaces that do not require GPS positioning. It was put into service and two UME pilots tested its use. The controls of the military unit showed the functionality of the Alpha 800 (as in this video), similar to a manned helicopter (they even have the same appearance), but with significantly lower maintenance and cost. They also showed a “Condor” hexacopter that can carry loads of up to 5 kg and that the military emergency unit uses to transport medicines, communications equipment and even food to places inaccessible on foot or by land vehicle.

Video: Alpha Security and Defense

Source: Madrid Municipal Police Magazine

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