Emirates SkyCargo has been flying to Viracopos for 10 years

Emirates SkyCargo Boeing 77F – Photo / Disclosure by Emirates

Emirates SkyCargo recently reached important milestones in the global freight business. Emirates’ cargo transportation division recently completed 10 years of cargo transportation flights on their Boeing 777F aircraft to Viracopos in Brazil and five years to Brussels.

The air freight company started cargo flights to Viracopos on October 31, 2010 and to Brussels on October 25, 2015.

Emirates’ Boeing 777 freighters have been the focus of the airline’s cargo operations since 2009 and can carry up to 100 tons of cargo per flight. In addition, they have wide main doors that allow heavy and large loads to be transported.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Emirates SkyCargo’s fleet of 11 Boeing 777-F aircraft conducted a significant number of planned and chartered cargo operations worldwide to transport medical supplies such as PPE and pharmaceuticals. Today Emirates freighters operate to more than 30 destinations worldwide.

Viracopos is currently one of the two airports connected by Emirates SkyCargo in Brazil. The air freight company also offers cargo capacity on passenger flights operated by Boeing 777-300ER aircraft to São Paulo. The two airports serve as a connection to the industrial and technology center of Brazil.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Emirates played an important role in maintaining the air freight link between Brazil and the rest of the world by helping to move essential products such as medical and pharmaceutical products to Brazil and bringing items from Brazil to other international ones Markets exported.

Emirates SkyCargo started operating cargo ships to Brussels in 2015, one year after the start of passenger flights. Freighter flights were introduced to supplement the cargo capacity available on passenger flights for the transport of goods such as pharmaceuticals and perishable goods.

Brussels is one of more than 30 cities participating in Emirates SkyCargo’s Pharmacorridors initiative to improve the protection of pharmaceutical products that need to be refrigerated from source to destination. Today Emirates SkyCargo offers customers in Belgium freight transport on 10 weekly flights, including two with Boeing 777 freighters.

Emirates SkyCargo is an important intermediary in international trade, connecting more than 130 destinations on six continents with cargo flights. The air freight company offers cargo capacity in its wide-body fleet, including 11 Boeing 777 freighters.

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