Emirates continues to limit A380 flights for next year

This week we commented on information that Etihad Airways has indefinitely removed all scheduled flight schedules for the Airbus A380 Superjumbo, which puts its future in the Arab company’s fleet in doubt. This time, the other Emirati company, Emirates Airline, based in Dubai, reduced the operation of the world’s largest passenger aircraft to some routes.

The information comes from Routes Online, which has only 20 destinations for the Emirates Airbus A380 during the summer season in the northern hemisphere (March to October) next year, the best time for passenger aviation of the year, which will be a very small number of destinations for this one Have airplane model. According to Routes, the new flight schedule is even more conservative and cuts off some destinations that could see the A380 next year.

From 53 to 20

Compared to the 50+ destinations Emirates served by air prior to the pandemic, 20 routes is a small number considering Emirates has 115 A380s in its fleet.

Of course, the numbers can change as the economic and health scenario is volatile around the world, but they are a good thermometer for the airline’s projects. It is clear that Emirates does not currently see a place to reassign a 500-seat aircraft on a different route.

The destinations where the A380 will be seen in the northern hemisphere next summer are: Amsterdam, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Beijing, Brisbane, Cairo, Guagzhou, Jeddah, London, Manchester, Mauritius, Moscow, Bombay, New York, Paris , Shanghai, Sydney, Christchurch, Tokyo and Toronto.

The Airbus A380 had a daily flight to São Paulo before the pandemic, an operation that is now being carried out on the Boeing 777.

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