Embraer E175 is the ideal aircraft for flights in Alaska

Alaska Airlines started flying the Embraer E-175 aircraft in the state of Alaska yesterday, October 18. The jet is operated by regional partner Horizon Air and will serve selected markets in Alaska.

The company’s move was directly motivated by the reduction in flight service during the pandemic and people’s fear of traveling with so many current border rules. The E175 offers Alaska Airlines the flexibility to increase the daily frequency between Anchorage and Fairbanks, for example, and to serve King Salmon and Dillingham all year round.

“This has been a particularly challenging time for Alaskans, both due to the pandemic and the reduction in flight service last spring,” said Marilyn Romano, regional vice president of Alaska Airlines. “As part of our commitment to Alaska and the communities we serve, we are introducing a new aircraft to the state. The E175 supports additional flights and keeps Alaskans in and out of state connected. “

With 76 seats, the E175 is the ideal size for many communities where larger jets are not the best option due to lower passenger potential as the year progresses.

“The E175 is a perfect aircraft to complement current service in Alaska,” said Joe Sprague, President of Horizon Air 88 Years Ago.

Without middle seats, the regional jet is configured with 12 seats in First Class, 12 in Premium Class and 52 seats in the main cabin. On-board amenities include free WiFi, Alaska Beyond Entertainment – with hundreds of free movies and TV shows streamed directly to customer devices – and power outlets in First Class.

Alaska Airlines and its regional partners serve more than 115 destinations in the United States and North America.

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