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The facts in this book are not unknown. In many cases, however, they have been forgotten, silenced, or deformed. Our entire past has long been the scourge of manipulation and shame.

And we must not regret the mark Spain has left on history. On the contrary, our ancestors did wonderful things that changed the future of the world. This is the legacy they left us that we shouldn’t give up:

The Spaniards drew the world map by opening the Atlantic, going around the globe and conquering the Pacific.

In Spain, the first European Parliament was created, as well as the statutes of free cities.

Here the germ of human rights was born.

It was the first country to prohibit the enslavement of the vanquished and to legislate to protect them.

The first to give up the terrible practice of burning witches.

The one who organized the first international scientific expedition and the first vaccination campaign on three continents.

Or the one where the first women taught at university.

These are some of the facts known by many unknowns, which Jos Javier Esparza brings up with great interest for the reader.


Title: Don’t Regret It. 35 reasons to be proud of Spain’s history

Editor: Sphere of books

Author: Jos Javier Esparza

Number of pages: 336

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