Donald Trump’s luxurious S-76B helicopter is for sale


The Sikorsky S-76B helicopter used by Donald Trump in his pre-US presidency business life is up for sale. The luxury S-76N with N76DT registration retails for approximately $ 875,000.

Detail for registration number 76 with ending DT, short for the helicopter model with the initials of the name Donald Trump.

The companies responsible for the sale of Trump’s S-76 are Aero Asset, based in Toronto, Canada, and Jet Edge Partners in the United States. The aircraft is located in Trenton, New Jersey, pending final decision from a buyer.

The aircraft has a total of approximately 6260 flight hours and is sold with the Pratt & Whitney PT6B-36A engine and a Garmin GMX-200 digital multifunctional display in the cabin.

However, these are more technical data that interest the pilots and mechanics of the helicopter. For the buyer, the luxury of the plane is really important and the former Heli Trump has a lot of it.

Starting with the six leather seats with real gold seat belts. Or the various resources with African mahogany veneers.

Trump appears with this Sikorsky helicopter at the opening of the Classic program “The Apprentice” (see above).

The list published by The Drive follows:

Interior of the executive six-seater cabin with a system of panels and sound insulation, padded back cushions, emergency lighting on the ceiling, floor-to-ceiling sideboard made of African mahogany veneer with a lower area, 4 drawers for soft drinks, spices and ice cream; Drinks cabinet in the central zone with 3 decanters; The upper area offers space for the airshow screen. 3-4 Place the executive divan face forward on a folding table made of ecru leather / almond leather and African mahogany with double cup holders and armrests made of ecru / almond leather; Lower extension of the rear divan seat with 3 compartments for various storage in African mahogany veneer; Two (2) deck chairs facing the captain’s stern in crust / almond leather with tracking and rotation function, cabin magazine holder (R / H door only), cabin seats in crust / almond leather with gold seat belts, camel roof and window panes, ultra cream colored frames, cabin doors made of ecru / almond leather with African mahogany panels and gold accessories, Scott Tan rug by Scott Groups.

Since Trump took office, Donald has had two identical VC-25 Air Force One’s, in addition to the Presidential Marine One’s helicopters, namely the VH-3D Sea King or the VH-60N WhiteHawk.

In terms of Air Force One, the old Boeing 747-200 replacement is so tight that two Boeing 747-8s have already been selected and the changes are currently being made to serve the role of the new Air Force One.

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