DHC 6-400 Twin Otter Biturboprops have been converted into state-of-the-art aircraft for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance operations

The Austrian company Airborne Technologies (ABT) was selected by the Canadian aircraft manufacturer Viking Air for the integration of sensors required for the mission profile requested by the customer. 3 DHC 6-400 Twin Otter Biturbohlices were converted into intelligence platforms. Surveillance and reconnaissance based on the latest intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR). For this project I assembled two SCAR (Self Contained Aerial Reconnaissance) pods to carry a Wescam MX-15 EO / IR camera system (electro-optical / infrared) as well as the complete Airborne Linx mission system and a BMS. Line of Sight Downlink, a multi-channel data logger, a CARTENAV augmented reality system and a G.Tech mission computer.

As intended, SCARs are fully interchangeable between the three aircraft and therefore offer the greatest flexibility in the fleet. A radar pod under the other wing is an option to enhance the aircraft’s ability to patrol the sea. The cabin configuration is customer-specific. Allows the operation of all systems integrated in SCAR from the position of the copilot and the observation station behind the cockpit. All three devices are versatile equipped with wheels and floats, equipped with the latest surveillance technology, tailored for patrol missions in maritime traffic and have already been delivered to the end-user of the Vikings in Southeast Asia.

Photo: The 2 DHC-6-400 that ABT is transforming.

The Airborne Technologies Pod.

Twin Otter ISR copilot console.

ISR workstation in the passenger cabin of one of the DHC-6-400s converted for ISR tasks.

Radar pod on the wing of the Twin Otter ISR.

DHC-6-400 Twin Otter with floats with ABT pod

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