Defense Receives € 569M Loan Extension to Pay for Peacekeeping Missions – Noticias

On March 16, the Council of Ministers approved the application for the emergency fund for various ministries worth 608,189,325.12 euros. The Emergency Fund will finance loan changes for various ministerial posts and the Ministry of Defense to raise more than 569 million euros from that post.

In particular, a loan extension was approved for the Ministry of Defense to cover the costs of the Spanish armed forces’ involvement in peacekeeping operations. The amount of this increase is EUR 569,854,333.45.

2,900 military and civilian guards on 17 missions abroad

According to the Ministry of Defense, on December 22, 2020, the Council of Ministers extended the participation of Spanish military units and observers in peacekeeping operations within the framework of the United Nations, NATO and the EU until December 31, 2021. In general, the presence of the armed forces is maintained in the same operations . As in 2020, there will be only minor operational adjustments in some of them.

The Spanish armed forces are represented in 17 missions abroad with up to 2,900 soldiers and civil guards on four continents. The most numerous can be found in Lebanon and Mal. As part of NATO, they take part in the Enhanced Forward Presence mission (Latvia) and in Turkey and advise the security forces in Afghanistan.

Spain is also involved in all the military missions that the European Union is developing in the African continent, with deployments in Mal, the Central African Republic, Somalia and Senegal, as well as in “Operation Atalanta” which seeks to prevent piracy in the ocean. (Jos M Navarro Garca)

Photo: Use of the army in Mal (Ministry of Defense)

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