Defense hires Hisdesat to provide satellite communications for 136 million through 2024

The General Directorate for Armaments and Materials Procurement of the General Directorate for Armaments and Materials (DGAM) of the Ministry of Defense has entrusted Hisdesat Servicios Estrationales with the provision of satellite communication capacities for the years 2021 to 2024.

The contract has a base bid excluding tax of € 113.1 million which, including those, reaches 136.7. The contract was managed in a negotiated procedure without advertising, as Hisdesat Servicios Estratógicos is the only company technically able to develop the project from a technical point of view.

To be able to offer these capabilities, Hisdesat has a generation of satellites that provide greater flexibility and security for satellite communications in the military X and Ka bands. This government communications system is based on two operational satellites that provide communications coverage over two thirds of the earth. After the launch of SpainSat in 2006, the second satellite of the Spanish government’s communications program (SpainSat and XTAR-EUR), Hisdesat consolidated its range of secure communications at home and abroad. (Jos M Navarro Garca)

Photo: Spainsat (Hisdesat)

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