Defense awarded the medal? Balmis? to a representation of military troops and seafarers for their work against COVID-19-Noticias

Defense Secretary Margarita Robles has a Representation of Military Forces and Seafarers (MPTM) involved in Operation ?? at the Ministry Headquarters. Balmis ?? have participated, excellent. between March and June 2020. The event was presented by journalists Ana Terradillos and Roberto Brasero on behalf of the press, who praised the work and commitment of the military during the pandemic.

Terradillos, for his part, began his dialogue with thanks to “The tremendous gift that we feel more protected, safer and stronger”. and underlines that the Armed Forces (FAS) have helped with their best tool, which is flawless work, service to all? and he concluded by stating that it was probably the toughest mission, but also “the one that will leave deeper marks on all citizens”.

Brasero wanted to reinforce that gratitude by saying that “when you went out on the street, who was out there was a big risk? The soldiers guaranteed the toilets, which were also on the front line.” and he added that there is one thing this pandemic has not changed and it is the spirit of dedication of the members of the FAS.

The minister then wanted to thank the media for “always highlighting the work of our armed forces”. Since “journalism in this country is freedom, it is democracy and, above all, it is humanity and emotion”.

Addressing the winners, Robles pointed out that “all of Spain is grateful to all men and women in the armed forces”. because they were with those who suffered with absolute availability, without charging anything, turned to those who died, watched over the corpses in very difficult moments and prayed when necessary? and he has pointed out the great pride that Spain has in its health workers, including the military.

In an act in which the protagonists were the soldiers and sailors, the minister also wanted to remind those responsible for Operation Balmis, Lieutenant General Fernando López del Pozo and then Major General Francisco Braco that they were on the front lines coordinating all the acts.

On behalf of the 21 decorated, the Spanish NCO Francisco Javier García spoke, who emphasized that every minute of our time, every drop of our sweat had a goal to protect the citizens of Spain. He also pointed out that the value of this medal lies in its meaning because if there is something that has made us proud and upset, it has worked side by side with our colleagues in the armed forces. The recognition has also been extended to colleagues from other institutions and organizations who have been by his side and with whom they share so many values, including health values ​​that have been a reference for us.

Among the 21 winners are six soldiers assigned to units in the Army, three in the Navy and Air Force, one in the Defense Staff, six in the Military Emergency Unit, one in the Royal Guard and two in the General Health Inspection of the Defense.

The Minister of Defense, the Director of the CNI, the Under-Secretary of State for Defense and the Director General for Defense Policy, as well as other civil and military authorities, were present.

Since the publication of Ministerial Ordinance 50/2020 on September 7, 2020, in which the requirements and the procedure for issuing, commenting and describing the commemorative medal for Operation “Balmis” were set, a total of 6,193 medals have been awarded to MPTM. 3,471 have been awarded to MPTM .

Generally surgery ??? Balmis ?? This meant participating in 20,002 interventions for the armed forces military, more than half in disinfection in homes, hospitals or infrastructures, with a deployment of nearly 190,000 soldiers in a total of 2,302 cities in Spanish geography.

The event also highlighted the figure of the military doctor Francisco Javier Balmis, the honorary surgeon of Carlos VI, whose name was associated with the Spanish expedition to America and the Philippines to spread the smallpox vaccine.

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