Defense and the General Council of Pharmacists will collaborate on research and development projects – Noticias

The Ministry of Defense and the General Council of Official Pharmacists’ Associations have signed the Agreement at the Military Pharmacy Center of Defense of Colmenar Viejo, which opens a new kind of cooperation and dialogue between the two entities. This agreement will facilitate the joint development of training and research activities and the exchange of information, knowledge and experience in the health and pharmaceutical sectors.

During the meeting, Undersecretary of State for Defense M Amparo Valcarce, representing the Ministry, stressed the importance of this agreement, which allows both institutions to work towards a common goal that she hopes will bear the fruits of its being pursued. He also highlighted the fundamental role of pharmacy in the fight against the pandemic we are in today.

For his part, President of the General Council of Pharmacists, Jess Aguilar, highlighted the calling to service that unites the Collegiate Pharmaceutical Organization and Military Pharmacy, and highlighted the vital role of the entire Military Health Corps, including pharmaceutical officers, all of their own Have used capacities to respond to the health crisis and to participate in the planning and implementation of Operation Balmis.

This new framework for collaboration will take shape in the coming months through activities such as research projects, scientific and technical advice or the participation of members of the Military Health Corps in training courses organized by the Council of Pharmacists. A mixed commission will be established to oversee the agreement, made up of two representatives from the General Sub-Inspection for Pharmaceutical Assistance and Administration of the Ministry of Defense and two representatives from the General Council of Pharmaceutical Universities.

The Ministry has a Military Defense Pharmacy Center that is currently doing essential work on the provision and maintenance of health resources, formulation of technical specifications, cataloging of pharmaceutical products and analysis of chemical, biological and toxicological products, and health protection in the nuclear, biological and chemical environment.

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