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Interview with the commander of the Spanish Navy’s aircraft flotilla, Captain Rafael Guerra Soler

We discussed helicopters with the Commander in Chief of the Spanish Naval Aircraft Flotilla (COMFLOAN), Naval Captain Rafael Guerra Soler, emphasizing the relief of the Sikorsky SH-3D and the future commissioning of the naval version of the aircraft. NH90, the so-called MSPT (Maritime Spain Transport Tactical Helicopter). The Navy will receive a total of 13 aircraft in 2 batches, 7 in the first and 6 in the second, with an investigation of which squad to integrate.

The Navy submarine NH90 could arrive in 2029. Why is the MH-60R chosen?

Every step is being taken to realize the purchase of Sikorsky MH-60R submarine helicopters for the 10th Squadron of the Flotilla of the Spanish Navy, which will fill the gap between the victims of the SH-60B of the NH90 HSPN, the version the NFH variant (NATO Frigate Helicopter) for the Spanish Navy. The acquisition of the American helicopter, however, could jeopardize the future inclusion of this naval version of the NH90, although delivery could be expected before 2029 if the acquisition were initialed now.

The future market for military helicopters in Ibero-America

The helicopter is an essential tool in the military field. Transport, search and rescue, liaison, anti-submarine combat and targeting at sea and on land, medical evacuation, reconnaissance, observation, target setting, special operations, etc., as well as those resulting from their dual employment to support the population of disasters, including fire fighting and humanitarian assistance. Your priority is clear and in Ibero-America, hit by meteorological phenomena and seismic movements with a complicated orography and large areas of land, it is obvious. We looked at rotary wing aircraft programs in this diverse region.

The modernization of the M-109 howitzers of the Spanish army

The lack of funding to obtain a material to replace the M-109 self-propelled howitzers in the Spanish Army and the fact that, despite their age, they are sturdy, reliable and well-maintained parts has become one Update process, which makes it possible to extend its useful life. The first decision is to replace the M-284 155/32 mm tube. for another that is sourced from the US Army arsenals at a very good price, a change that has already been confirmed in tests carried out in the facilities of the Torregorda Test Center in Cdiz in late 2020.

Interview with Marine Brigadier General ngel Ramn Herrezuelo Prez, Commander of the Joint Special Operations Command (MCOE)

We interviewed Brigadier General of the Marines, Ángel Ramn Herrezuelo Prez, who has been Commander of the Joint Command of Special Operations (MCOE) since March 2020 and whose main objective is to promote the interoperability of the units of these units of the Army, the Air Force and Navy form the basis of the headquarters of a Special Operations Component Command for the national and international area within the structure of the Spanish armed forces.

Italy is improving its amphibious expedition capacity

The Italian Navy Militare has strengthened its expeditionary capacity in recent years to be able to face different types of crises. In 2022 the installation of the LHD (Landing Helicopter Dock) L9890 Trieste is planned, with which air and naval systems can be deployed and an amphibious battalion with around 600 employees can be equipped with various combat supports. In addition, three new LXD-type amphibians will be added between 2027 and 2031, each of which has the potential to transport and project an amphibious battalion of around 250 men reinforced with 1,000 tons. modular cargo that could include about fifty VTML light armor or ten AAV-7 amphibians.

World War II underwater adventure

The submarine weapon was widely used by virtually all competing nations during World War II. Both the Axis and the Allies, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, across the Mediterranean and the Indian, conducted covert operations beneath the surface of the bold waters. In some cases, sophisticated equipment, manned by one or two men, was used in addition to the conventional submarine. We analyze these operations where reality often replaces fiction.

The Russian T-26 tank in Spain

During the Civil War, the Second Republic government acquired a total of 281 T-26B main battle tanks from the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) for literally a gold price. Currently, 85 years later, several units have been preserved in Spain …

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