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The EMMOE. Forging elite fighters for 75 years

We attended the Military School for Mountains and Special Operations (EMMOE) of the Spanish Army, a teaching center with 75 years of experience in teaching challenging courses. In his headquarters, a large part of the military members of the elite units received very intensive and particularly demanding specific training courses in order to train them for unconventional missions and particularly demanding tasks.

Military transport aircraft in emergency scenarios

From end to end of the planet, the armed forces’ military transport aircraft have taken on an increasing role in humanitarian relief operations in crisis scenarios. Their range and increasing loading capacity give them a leading role, to which additional efforts are made to enable them to take off and land on poorly prepared runways and in extreme environmental conditions. So when a disaster occurs due to natural causes or human intervention, first aid, which usually hits the ground, is done by air.

Spanish Air Force and their future training aircraft

The Spanish Air Force is calling for a major change in its C101-based training capabilities. After the first step, the takeover of the Swiss PC-21, the veterans of Northrop / CASA F-5M, which were in service for 50 years last November, and the Enaer T-35C column have to be replaced. We have analyzed two interesting options to respond to this process of change: the program of a new Airbus DS training aircraft called AFJT (Airbus Future Jet Trainer) and Leonardo’s proven M-346.

Training aircraft in Latin America

The fleets of aircraft dedicated to the instruction and training of pilots operating in Latin America are very diverse. There are interesting processes going on to modernize the aircraft in operation, some of them very experienced, and there are even programs to acquire new fleets. We analyzed the details of this scenario across the region from Mexico to Argentina.

M-346 Fighter Attack. A perfect solution for many Latin American air forces

The light fighter aircraft of the Italian multinational Leonardo M-346 Fighter Attack is offered as an optimal option for many air forces in Latin America. Compared to other trainers that have evolved as a light fighter aircraft, the M-346FA retains all of its training characteristics, benefits from the same ground-based training system, and is an affordable and versatile aircraft as a multi-purpose combat platform, with only one air force hunting in inventory.

Offshore patrol vessels (OPV). Ocean patrol boats

The so-called Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) is often difficult to classify and define and generally includes ships under 2,000 tons. They have light weapons and, with exceptions, outstanding civil systems that have long been operated by the navies and coast guards on the high seas. Ibero-America with its large expanses of sea and the enormous fishery resources to be protected is developing into a region of particular interest for these ships.

The other landing of Al Hoceima (1959): Construction of Morocco

On January 16, 1959, on the orders of the tough and effective Moroccan general, the former army, Moroccan troops landed in the port of the old Villa Sanjurjo with Gaulish advisors.The French hero and World War II laureate Mohammed Ufqir was chief of the rising royal military Prince Muley Hassan, later Hassan II, son of the Sultan and King Mohamed V. From this other landing of Al Hoceima and his role in the construction. In this issue we deal with Morocco.

100 years of military aviation in Venezuela

The Venezuelan Air Force was established on December 10, 1920 as an army service. The author gives an overview of the interesting development of the fleet, now officially known as Bolivarian Military Aviation, over 100 years, from its first Caudron G-3 aircraft and G-4 bombers to the present, its operations, threats and structural changes. lived.

Exercise Blue Wings 2020. Israeli aircraft in Germany

In the past, cooperation between the Israeli armed forces and the German air force came about through joint exercises with the Blue Flag on Israeli soil. This year, however, a historic event took place when a delegation from the Israeli Air Force was sent to the German base in Nrvenich for the first time to attend Blue Wings 2020. We have seen this unprecedented performance of the aircraft from the Israeli fight on German soil.

Rosoboronexport at Interpolitex 2020 in Russia

We visited the XXIV International Media Exhibition for the Provision of State Security Interpolitex-2020 in Moscow, where Rosoboronexport showed a wide range of dual systems and explored the world market for civil and non-military high-tech products.

Plate: The Mechanized Fist of the Marines

The 3rd Mechanized Landing Battalion (BDMZ-III) offers the Tercio de Armada marine infantry brigade several very important skills, such as offensive combat and great mobility, mainly thanks to its modern 8×8 armored vehicles.

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