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The Spanish FAS relies on RPAS

Remote Aircraft Systems (RPAS) are increasingly becoming assault weapons, platforms to capture information and signals from the enemy and take the necessary countermeasures to accurately transport cargo to a specific location or refill it in flight to aircraft or helicopters. There are already many Spanish companies that have been working in these systems of different types and contexts for years and that can operate autonomous flights or be remotely controlled to accomplish their mission. We analyze the current demand for RPAS and the platforms already in operation and reach the Spanish armed forces within the framework of various programs.

Next generation weapon systems for attack helicopters

In recent years, the attack helicopter market has increased the supply of systems for adapting military transport or multi-purpose rotary wing aircraft and giving them attack capability. The characteristics of the helicopter make it an excellent weapon platform for anti-tank, counterinsurgency, armed reconnaissance missions or to support troops on the ground. On these pages we deal with the new generation of weapon systems for combat helicopters.

Patrol boats on the high seas to protect territorial waters

The main builders of military ships are competing to take over the world market for Offshore Patrol Vessel (IPO), whose orders have increased especially from markets such as Africans and Latin America. The control and safety of maritime traffic in foreign territories of national interest, but above all in the protection of our own Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ), have led to the rise of these high altitude patrol boats in the Navy.

Hunter of the Summit. The mountain troops of the Spanish army

The transformation of the army towards future operations, which can take place in particularly demanding scenarios in which hardened troops along with internal reflection, transformation and reorganization processes will be decisive, has raised new expectations for the combatants forged with the mountains as a scenario. The mountain troop command came into force on January 1 of this year and comprised a total of about 1,000 soldiers, who were distributed at various locations in the provinces of Navarra and Huesca and were initially deployed until a concrete decision in favor of its activity received logistical support from pioneers and even Artillerymen of the Aragn I Brigade.

The real story of the sinking of the C-5 submarine

The C-5, which belonged to the submarine flotilla of the Spanish Navy under the government of the Popular Front, disappeared on the night of December 31, 1936 with a crew of 40. The only evidence of its demise was a large oil spill near Ribadesella. There was speculation of all kinds, as there was no naval unit or hostile area in the area to attack. This government, which consented to the murder of virtually all submarine officers and found in August 1936 that 12 submarines were disabled due to a lack of qualified personnel, kept their loss secret for as long as it could in order to demoralize the crews the submarines did not end the rest of the flotilla.

Brazilian military programs: Despite tough times

Still slowed down by the health crisis, which meant the reprogramming of funds and resources, a number of acquisition projects by the Brazilian armed forces continue their march, while others are taking shape, some almost unexpectedly, for example the rapid clarification of the competition for new polar ships or the first fixed movements in the Brazilian army equipping themselves with 8×8 armor, the culmination of the Guaran project.

Argentine Army Aviation During the Pandemic (Part 1)

The pandemic activated the Argentine armed forces in Operation General Manuel Belgrano to provide support to the population. In this context, the Army Aviation was forced to meet the requirements of the health emergency and the missions already planned in the military year: training of new pilots, maintenance of all aircraft, exercises in support of infantry, cavalry and army units. Artillery, support of the brigadists in the fight against forest fires, snowfall and floods. All of this was an almost unprecedented challenge. Something similar was not experienced until 1982 during the Malvinas War.

Interview with Colonel Francisco Ramrez Goi, Executive Director of FIDAE 2022

FIDAE (International Aerospace Exhibition), the most important aerospace and defense exhibition in Ibero-America, will be held for its next edition from April 5th to 10th, 2022 at its facilities at Pudahuel Air Base in Santiago de Chile organize. After the last moment and for the first time in its long history, the year 2020 had to be canceled due to the pandemic, like all events of this kind in the world. We interviewed its Executive Director, Aviation Colonel (A) Francisco Ramrez Goi of the Chilean Air Force.

The legendary Texas light attack and training aircraft T-6

By Julio Maz Sanz

In the second half of the last century, the Spanish Air Force deployed the legendary North American Texan T-6 aircraft. Fortunately, we can currently see some preserved all over Spain.

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