Cyber ​​attack by hackers defrauded Argentina’s FADEA about half a million dollars

Cordoba Federal Justice is analyzing a digital fraud victim of the state Fbrica Argentina de Aviones (FADEA). The complaint concerns nearly half a million dollars in international transfers made by FADEA to as yet unidentified individuals claiming to be part of Advent Aircrfat Systems, a US supplier. This became known during these hours. The Argentine state company has requested to investigate the likely commission of the crime of electronic fraud against the company and is located in Enrique Senestrari’s Public Prosecutor’s Office 1.

Advent, based in the United States, is dedicated to developing, manufacturing, and certifying aircraft products and components. With apcrifas notices, they managed to get the state company to make transfers, provided it fulfilled the payment of parts.

According to the information available, on October 11, 2019, FADEA issued an order for Advant for components for the Pampa IA63 for a total of $ 1,084,714. The system was divided into four installments with the corresponding payments. The first was on March 27, 2020 with a payment on January 6 for $ 366,332.72; the second delivery on June 26th with payment on April 6th for $ 87,299.85; The third tranche was agreed for July 24 with a cancellation of $ 554,343.20 on May 18, 2020, and the final tranche was agreed for September 11 with a payment of $ 76,738.66 on July 6, 2020.

Apparently, the previously unknown perpetrators posed as both parties and carried out the operation to provide a clear demonstration of a wire fraud operation. The text of the complaint describes a series of postal exchanges with requests for the provider to correct errors and change accounts. Eventually, the two payments are transferred by the Argentine company for $ 453,000. Days later, they warn of fraud and ask the financial institution to cancel the transfers and refund the money.

FADEA ordered an internal IT audit, but it cannot be ruled out that the IT intervention was caused by the US provider. The president, Mirta Iriondo, stated that “the Microsoft company had a ‘bug’, that is, a crack in its Exchange messaging platform that made cyberattacking possible by hackers.” It is not known who, but this ‘bug’ they attacked compromised European servers, “he also said.

This group of hackers apparently entered the Outlook system with this error and had access to the emails of these companies, with which they could therefore also enter the customer accounts. “From there they created similar domains, for example” Spiegel “accounts so that every time a company communicated with its customer, all email was recorded,” he continued.

“They had a copy of all the emails that came from companies and buyers, and in this case FADEA,” he said. “When the real company sent out an invoice, it changed the bank account and then FADEA did the usual payment processing assuming it was their supplier,” he said. “The domains that are created are almost the same as the company’s, so both buyers and sellers may not notice,” the official said.

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