Copa Airlines and Promtur Panama present a new security video on board

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Reaffirming their commitment to the country’s tourism development, Copa Airlines and the Tourism Promotion Fund (PROMTUR Panama) are launching a new and unprecedented safety video on board the airline’s flights, inspired by Panama and its tourist attractions.

The aim of this production is to position Panama as a unique tourist destination, rich in culture, natural wealth, beaches, entertainment and recreational opportunities, and to inform its passengers in a playful way about the important safety precautions they must adhere to during the excursion.

Check out the video below:

The new Copa Airlines security video, filmed in Panama by the audiovisual production company VFX in late 2019, is the first in Latin America to be entirely dedicated to highlighting the wonders of a country and to be enjoyed by thousands of passengers from different countries and nationalities Fly daily with the airline.

The major audiovisual piece is the latest of several efforts and initiatives to promote Panama that, together with the Panama Stopover program launched in 2019, have positioned the country as one of the most attractive travel destinations for travelers in the region, as well as for Copa Airlines and national tourism agencies implemented over the years.

“We decided to start this important video appreciating the beauty of Panama at the moment as the country has just reopened its borders and needs to continue positioning itself as a tourist destination, especially when the decision to travel for leisure is a process that starts traveling long before it starts, ”said Pedro Heilbron, CEO of Copa Airlines. “We believe these efforts will provide an incentive for the continued reactivation of a sector that is prepared and biosafety ready to receive visitors as soon as they are ready to travel,” he concluded.

“At PROMTUR Panama, an international destination marketing organization, we are committed to improving Panama’s visibility and highlighting the beauty of our natural and cultural heritage. This video is part of the Stopover Strategic Alliance, which was launched in 2019 with the Panamanian airline that flies to our main target markets, ”said Fernando Duque, Chairman of the Board of Directors of PROMTUR Panama.

Copa Airlines’ new security video will also be actively distributed on the airline’s social networks and on Destination’s digital platforms,, as well as other media to arouse interest and desire to get to know Panama People from all over the world come back to forge their travel plans.

“The new security video from Copa Airlines, which highlights the authenticity of our culture and nature, is a very reasonable contribution, especially at the moment when Panama is concentrating its efforts on reactivating tourism and on the new master plan for sustainable tourism for the USA continues innovation and differentiation of our destination due to the extraordinary richness and diversity of our natural and cultural heritage, ”commented Iván Eskildsen, General Administrator of the Panama Tourism Authority.

In production, the Copa Airlines team takes the passenger through a journey full of music, culture, adventure and experiences that every tourist would love to experience, in 12 emblematic locations of varied Panamanian geography, while creatively uncovering each of the measures of security measures that are carried out at must be observed on all flights operated by the airline.

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