Conscript’s Day in Chile, by Colonel Jorge Labarca Cid, Commander of Regiment No. 10 ?? Pudeto ?? – Noticias

Every May 18th, the country, and especially the Chilean army, solemnly commemorate “Conscripts Day” to recognize and highlight the work of thousands of young people who do their military service in the various units. from Putre in the Chilean Altiplano to Porvenir on the Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego.

On this day, too, we remember with deep memories and heartfelt tribute to the 45 comrades who died in May 2005 on the slopes of the Antuco volcano, and in particular the 44 young soldiers who were doing their military service at that time May is an important and reflective day for the army as it commemorates the 45 comrades who have fallen into the service. Hence, year after year in Mountain Detachment No. 17 ?? Los Angeles ?? and in the memorial in honor of the fallen, this tragedy is remembered in the company of relatives, former soldiers and members of the institution.

Military service is a professional service that is one of the ways by which the country maintains an armed force ready to perform the duties prescribed by the constitution and laws of the republic to maintain sovereignty and territorial integrity, to maintain peace true and when the emergencies and natural disasters affect citizens. An example of this is the support our conscripts of Regiment No. 10 (Pudeto), carried out in the overflow of the Las Minas River (USA), give other regions in the region reconstructions after the earthquake of February 27, 2010 or during the current constitutional emergency in the various community support activities due to COVID-19. For these reasons, the conscript is a fundamental pillar for carrying out missions in accordance with national interests.

The preparation conscripts receive to serve the country in the ranks of the army not only complements the values ​​training received in their homes, but also provides the knowledge, instruction, training, and qualification that will enable them to perform their duties providing them some opportunity to develop a military career in the facility, either as a professional troop soldier or by applying to parent schools. This training process has as an irreplaceable component the strict respect for the dignity of each individual, the behavior towards all forms of abuse and arbitrary discrimination as well as the firm commitment to indispensable discipline.

In conclusion, I would like to mention that the country and in particular the Chilean army together with Regiment No. 10 ?? Pudeto ?? Recognize and thank all conscripts for their affection, selflessness, devotion, and dedication for whatever day they deal with. We undertake their duty to serve Chile and the Chileans and reaffirm an ongoing commitment to watch over those who are an essential Are part of the most important legacy. the men and women who make up its ranks. (Colonel Jorge Labarca Cid, Commander of Regiment No. 10 ?? Pudeto ??)

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