COMAC makes first public presentation at C919 Airshow

Photo – Xinhua News

COMAC hosted the first presentation of its new C919 at an airshow in China in the last few days.

The presentation of the C919 took place this Saturday (October 31st) in the eastern province of Jiangxi during the Nanchang Flight Convention. This was the opportunity for COMAC to showcase its most important technological development in the country, which competes directly with Boeing and Airbus aircraft.

Famous international aircraft manufacturers such as Diamond, Piper, Embraer and Leonardo attended the Nanchang Flight Convention, which was held at Yaohu Airport in Nanchang, the provincial capital.

The L15 training aircraft and Jiangxi-made AC311 and AC311A helicopters will also hold air shows during the event, demonstrating the capacity of the Chinese industry.

At the same time, around 800 drones drew a COMAC C919 in the sky of the city in 2019. Please see the video below for more information.

Breathtaking! 800 drones fly in the form of a giant plane in Nanchang, China

– China Xinhua Sci-Tech (@XHscitech) November 16, 2019

The Comac C919


The COMAC C919 is very similar to the Airbus A320 with a length of 38.9 m, a wing length of 35.8 m, a height of approx. 12 m and a cabin width of 3.9 m. In general, 3 versions are available for purchase, ranging from 156 to 174 passengers, when American and European companies are involved in the construction of multiple aircraft systems in a 1-class, high-density configuration. This is another step in the Westernization of COMAC.

The aircraft has a range of 4075 km. A long-haul version can fly up to 5555 kilometers. The manufacturer expects to produce around 2,000 aircraft and has already received more than 570 orders from 23 customers, most of which are Chinese airlines that have received an incentive to buy the jet. The C919 competes directly with the 737 MAX 7 and the Airbus A320neo in passenger capacity.

Comac expects to sell 2,000 C919 aircraft over the next 20 years. Around 785 aircraft have already been ordered with a total of 27 customers.

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