Colombia is conducting a huge and unprecedented air navy operation on the island of San Andrés on the border with Nicaragua-Noticias

In an unprecedented act in Colombia’s recent history, the Air Force (FAC) is conducting training exercises with the National Navy in the San Andrs Islands in the Colombian Caribbean on the border with Nicaragua. The exercises began with the arrival of 3 K-Fir C10 fighter-bombers on the island, which initially flew low over the runway of Gustavo Rojas Pinilla International Airport, later touched the runway and today remained in the facilities of the Grupo Areo del Caribe. GACAR at this airport.

In addition, the FAC used an Airbus C295 transport aircraft, which arrived with technical and logistical personnel, also from Combat Air Command No. 3 in the municipality of Malambo near Barranquilla. A Boeing KC-767-200 tanker was also used to perform aerial refueling maneuvers with the Kfir. The Colombian Navy is participating in the exercise with the FS-1500 ARC Almirante Padilla, ARC Antioquia missile frigates, ARC Almirante Tono missile corvette, an Airbus CN235 persuader patrol aircraft and two Bell 412 helicopters.

This important airborne naval exercise is being conducted to ensure the sovereign’s defense following Nicaragua’s recent claims to unilaterally assess a portion of the sea off its coast that it has designated as the Nicaraguan Caribbean Biosphere Reserve and which is 44,157 square kilometers covered by the Colombian Foreign Ministry reacted vigorously, emphasizing that this measure does not comply with international requirements and procedures for the recognition of areas and places of special interest and environmental protection, and that it is a unilateral decision by Nicaragua, unaware of its existence and achievements the Bisfera Marine Flower Reserve with a view to environmental protection, which has been declared as such by UNESCO since 2000 and is under the protection of Colombia.

In this way, Colombia shows all its availability to ensure respect for the sovereign and sends a message to the Venezuelan regime of Nicols Maduro following the recent threats from General Ovidio de Jess Delgado Ramrez, commander of the Strategic Region for Integral Defense ( REDI) Los Andes, who stated that the island of San Andrs would be a strategic target if an incursion of Colombian forces into Venezuelan territory were presented. (Carlos Vanegas, correspondent for the Edefa group in Colombia)

Photos: Colombian Air Force Kfir fighter-bomber.

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