Cloud technologies for the space sector using artificial intelligence Defensias

Thales Alenia Space, the joint venture between Thales (67%) and Leonardo (33%), and Microsoft are jointly innovating in cloud technologies for the space sector by integrating the DeeperVision automatic satellite imagery developed by the treatment solution from Thales Alenia Space to Microsoft’s Azure Orbital platform. Thanks to DeeperVision, all images sent by Earth observation satellites can be analyzed systematically and immediately after they have been created.

DeeperVision is an automatic image analysis tool that uses artificial intelligence to analyze and process large amounts of images in order to identify the evolution of their properties over time and monitor areas of interest with their changes, anomalies and similarities. The information is automatically and continuously extracted from the images as it is generated. The results are saved as metadata in the catalog and permanently enriched. This innovative solution enables the user to focus on the relevant content of the images, a task for which the human eye is essential. DeeperVision is therefore an indispensable digital service for instantly and systematically exploiting the vast abundance of images generated by Earth observation satellites.

The ability to process satellite imagery on a cloud scale is transforming the outlook for customers who need AI / ML data to make quick decisions that can be critical to their mission success. Leveraging the impact of innovation on our customers is a top priority for Azure Space. The addition of DeeperVision to Azure Orbital is a testament to our close collaboration with Thales Alenia Space, “said Tom Keane, CVP, Azure Global at Microsoft.

After the successful demonstration during the Microsoft Ignite event from March 2-4, 2021, Thales Alenia Space and Microsoft are now using this revolutionary solution on an operational level.

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