CLH evolves into Exolum as the global brand of company notes

Exolum is the brand chosen by the CLH Group to develop its activities from now on and face its ambitious future goals. She focuses on adapting her business to decarbonization and the energy transition, digitizing her activities and combating climate change.

This brand change arises from the need to adapt to the new environment and the transformation of the company itself, which, in addition to carrying out storage and transport activities for petroleum products in Spain, has been internationalized with a presence in other 7 countries and expanding its activities to storage , Managing and transporting new liquid products, especially chemicals, and starting work in new sectors such as eco-fuels, circular economy or developing new energy vectors.

The new brand, simple but modern, shows a spirit in which innovation is the key. In the beginning, the Exolum brand was born after an intense creative process to identify the CLH Group subsidiary dedicated to entrepreneurship and innovation. After several studies and suggestions, the brand was chosen to identify the company as a whole, as Exolum represents what we want to be and where we continue to develop: a large international company with more than 2,000 employees and a history of almost 100 years and with a high level of excellence in the delivery of our services, underlines the President of Exolum, Jos Luis Lpez de Silanes.

Over the past few years, Exolum has seen a number of notable changes, mainly focused on sustainable diversification, both in the regions in which the company operates and in the services it offers its customers beyond hydrocarbon logistics. It was therefore necessary to renew the brand and align it with this new phase. We want all of these initiatives to diversify and adapt the company to the new challenges facing the sector with a change in our corporate identity that reflects our growth and leadership, says Jorge Lanza, CEO of Exolum. The brand must evolve in parallel with the internal transformation process, align with the company’s new business models and pass on our corporate values ​​such as innovation and trust in order to reflect the open and flexible character we are faced with by promoting new business opportunities that will appeal to the future Use development and sustainability of the planet.

In addition, it is a brand that is easily recognizable in any language. Hence, it is the only name the company will use for all current and future business in both Spain and six other countries (UK, Ireland, Germany, USA) Netherlands, Panama and Ecuador (In Omn continues with the joint venture OQ Logistics), which makes it possible to strengthen the group’s identification and create a great, solid, international and unified brand.

This name change is the third for the company after Campsa and since the beginning of the 90s with CLH, brands that are closely connected to the hydrocarbon sector and are highly regarded by customers and professionals and are associated with values ​​such as quality and delivery guarantee. derived from the excellent work that the company has done in its history. This new brand is another milestone on our way and renews our commitment to our customers and society as a whole, says Jorge Lanza. We understand that this was the natural step we had to take as we expand and diversify internationally in the business we are banking on.

With Exolum, the company faces the challenge of maintaining the same level of recognition and making it available to the public thanks to a young brand that is agile and adapted to the company’s purpose: to create innovative solutions to improve the world.

Currently Exolum has more than 2,300 skilled workers and operates in 8 countries managing a pipeline network of more than 6,000 kilometers, 68 storage terminals and 45 airport facilities with a total capacity of more than 11 million cubic meters.

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