China says it has no idea when it will be releasing the Boeing 737 MAX

As airlines around the world keep their fingers crossed to re-launch the Boeing 737 MAX, China is skeptical. At least that’s what an article by Reuters said on Thursday (22).

According to the news, Feng Zhenglin, director of China’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAAC), said the country “does not yet have an agenda for the aircraft to be released,” and hopes that all principles related to the aircraft’s operational safety will be resolved. .

The Chinese opinion differs from other agencies around the world such as FAA, EASA and even ANAC who have already started testing the modified aircraft, although they are also skeptical and have not set a specific date for the return of the aircraft. In the case of China, however, flight tests were not included in the plans and there is a mystery as to the procedures to be followed.

However, pressure from Chinese companies should flow into the CAAC decision, as China’s aviation on domestic flights, i.e. the Boeing 737 MAX’s main field of activity in the country, has reportedly already reached pre-Covid levels. In addition, the new aircraft brings savings compared to the previous generation jets.

According to our last survey, Chinese companies had ordered 234 Boeing 737 MAXs in the middle of this year, of which 82 had already been delivered. See the full table below.

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