Check the position of Infraero on the deployment of the Federal Police

The Brazilian Airport Infrastructure Company (Infraero) released a notice regarding the operation of the federal police, in which 19 search and seizure warrants were carried out in the federal district and the state of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, on the morning of this Wednesday (21). Bahia, Paraná and Rio Grande do Norte.

According to the Federal Police, the investigation revealed that between 2016 and 2018, employees of the state-owned company and business people from the tourism and food sectors were involved in an illegal program in which companies were selected to operate the lounge areas and the food kiosks at Congonhas Airports in São Paulo (SP) and Santos Dumont (RJ) in Rio de Janeiro. Some employees are suspected of underestimating locations and disqualifying companies that did not participate in the fraud.

The company makes it clear that it is complying with the compliance rules of the Ministry of Infrastructure (MInfra), which produced the report that initiated the investigation.

Read the full notice published by the Infraero Press Office below:


With regard to the India operation, which the Federal Police on Wednesday, October 21. Infraero clarifies that it was the company itself that initiated the preliminary investigations due to complaints.

This work by Infraero led to three different measures: internal disciplinary proceedings, liability review proceedings for the companies involved and an investigation initiated by the federal police.

In accordance with the compliance rules of the Ministry of Infrastructure (MInfra), Infraero forwarded the final report on the internal investigations as part of the Radar anti-corruption program to the Secretariat for Compliance and Integrity of MInfra, which in turn forwarded it to the Federal Police.

It is important to highlight that the company pioneered the application of the Anti-Corruption Act, which has been used in its bidding processes and contracts.

In this way, Infraero reaffirms its commitment to compliance and integrity measures through its integrity program, which is supported by three pillars: prevention, detection and response.

Press office – Infraero

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