Change the classification of the Brazilian flagship, the previous multipurpose helicopter “Atlántico”

By order of the Navy Commander, the name of the Atlantic Multipurpose Helicopter Carrier (PHM), formerly HMS Ocean, was changed to Navo-Atlantic Multipurpose Airfield. This change in the categorization of the ship is due to the fact that it can operate on its deck with both remote-controlled aircraft and turboprop aircraft for vertical landing (tilt rotor). For this reason, it is now officially called Navo Aerdromo Mltipropsito (NAM) Atlntico to reflect the concept of this range of services. It was developed in its day for the Royal Navy to operate with up to seven aircraft on deck and twelve in the hangar. It can transport task forces of 500 to 800 shooters and project them with helicopter movements or on the surface with their 4 landing craft.

In addition, two other changes were made:

Art. 2 – Classify NAM Atlntico as First Class Navo.

Art. 3 Subordinates the Atlantic NAM to the Naval Operations Command.

Art. 4 Transfer of authority to the Commander in Chief of Naval Operations to delegate the subordination of the Atlantic NAM to the Commander in Chief of the Force.

(Javier Bonilla)

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