Catamaran Jacaretinga for the military command of the Amazon

The Amazon Military Command (CMA) received the fourth speedboat, Catamarn Jacaretinga, which was acquired for the Brazilian Army with the funds of the Integrated Border Surveillance System (SISFRON). The ship, with a capacity of 20 military personnel, was designed to meet the operational needs of the armed forces and to operate in the rivers of the Amazon basin.

The command received 4 speedboats of the same model, 2 for the 2nd Jungle Infantry Brigade and 2 for the 16th Jungle Infantry Brigade. This acquisition is part of the funding made possible by SISFRON, which adds new technology and capabilities for territorial defense and combating cross-border crimes, as well as providing support to indigenous and river communities.

These units are used to transport small factions of soldiers in aquatic environments to allow troops to react quickly during operations and to strengthen logistical resources. (Javier Bonilla, Edefa Group correspondent in Brazil)

Photo: Catamarn Jacaretinga, acquired for the Brazilian army in the Amazon.

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