Canarex 21, the great challenge of the 16th Canary Brigade and the Filipino Infantry Battalion

The Canarian XVI Brigade, part of the Canarian Army Commander (MCANA), faced one of the greatest challenges in its history after relocating almost the entire brigade to the US Army in late April (and later taking over the retreat) The Training Center (CENAD) San Gregorio in Zaragoza will conduct three weeks of tactical exercises, the Canarex, from April 7th to 23rd.

The only Operation RSOM (Reception, Staging, Movement) and more in a pandemic situation represents an effort completely comparable to that which must be carried out to open a new scenario for operations abroad, in which both material resources as People on land, on water and in the air.

Around 1,000 soldiers and 268 vehicles were projected from Tenerife and Gran Canaria, to which it is necessary to add the Filipino Infantera Battalion belonging to the COMGEBAL (General Command of the Balearic Islands) of the General Command of the Balearic Islands, which since September last year It is part of the MCANA and will also take part in the exercise and perform their own RSOM operation.

The tactical exercise itself, CANAREX 21, is divided into three differentiated parts, each lasting approximately a week:

1) ALPHA phase: where the companies. They will conduct instruction and training drills at their level that include live fire drills and the use of explosives with abundance.

2) BETA phase: In this exercise, the exercises of the Tactical Group (GT) are carried out, with the combat units (infantry) being integrated into their combat support units (engineers and artillery).

3) GAMMA phase: A LIVEX exercise (Live Field Exercise) is developed in which the brigade carries out an offensive operation within a division.

This last phase will continue the CAX (Computer-Assisted Exercise) exercise, which will be carried out on March 22nd, 23rd and 24th in the MINERVA simulator, also located in the CENAD of San Gregorio, where the Brigade’s CG and the PLMM, see battalion units with a total of 151 troops.

For this exercise, the Canarian Command has requested the assistance of various units of the Land Forces: the Engineering Command to carry out reconnaissance and river crossing practices; the anti-aircraft artillery command with resources and command and control personnel for the integration of the air defense; from the field artillery command with a target acquisition unit; and the Agrupacin de Apoyo Logístico No. 41 for the assembly of a logistics complex for general support. CENAD will also work together with its Enemy Unit.

After this exercise, the XVI. Brigade certified and able to begin the preparatory phase for their next deployment in Lebanon as part of the Free Hidalgo XXXVI mission planned for the end of 2021. The tactical group is established on the base of Tenerife Infantry Regiment No. 49 and Engineer Battalion XVI.

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Photos: Exhibition in the Cenad de San Gregorio of the Canary Brigade.

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