Brigadier General (r) Walter Chávez appointed Defense Minister of Peru and Lieutenant General of the Police (r) Gastón Rodríguez Limo from Interior-Noticias

After the rapid change of government in Peru, the new government has appointed the new defense and interior ministers, both of whom have already been sworn in. Brigadier General (r) Walter Fernando Chvez Cruz and Lieutenant General (r) Gastn Rodrguez Limo were sworn in as Minister of Defense (MINDEF) and Interior Minister (MININTER), respectively.

Brigadier General (r) Walter Chvez Cruz, who had served as advisor to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (PCM) since last August, entered the Chorrillos Military School (EMCH) on March 2, 1974, and graduated from January 1, 1980 as part of the framework the promotion “Our Heroes of the Pacific War” with the rank of Second Lieutenant from Caballera. He was promoted to Brigadier General in January 2007 and served as General Commander of the 2nd Infantry Brigade (2007-2008), Director of Plans and Operations DIPLANO (2009-2010) and Officer of the Joint Armed Forces Command (2011). He retired in October 2012. He has taken the command and general staff courses at the Higher School of Army War (ESGE) and holds a Masters in Development and National Defense from the Center for High Military Studies (CAEM). .

Lieutenant General Gastón Rodríguez Limo, who was Interior Minister during the administration of Martín Vizcarra, was born on March 8, 1966 in Pueblo Libre (Lima). He graduated from the Civil Guard at the time in 1986 as part of Die Wächter. He holds a Masters in Administration and Police Science from the Escuela Superior de Polica (ESUPOL). During his professional career, he was, among other things, Director of DIRAVPOL Police Aviation (2016-2017), Director of the Lima Police Region and Director of Special Operations (DIROES).

In April 2020 he was appointed Minister of the Interior as National Director for the Prevention of Order and Security. His appointment was extremely controversial at the time as Martin Vizcarra’s government tried to appoint Rodrguez Limo as police commander general, but he was forced to resign as he was fifth on the ladder, preceded by Lieutenant General Jos Luis Lavalle Santa Cruz (Commander General), Jorge Flores Prez (Sub-Commander), Jos Baella Malca (Inspector General) and Max Iglesias Arvalo (Director of Criminal Investigation). Faced with such a situation, he would have openly violated the National Police Law – which states that the Director General of the National Police of Peru is appointed by the President of the Republic from among the three General Officers of the National Police of Peru. In an active situation of the rank of lieutenant general in strict order of seniority on the officer ladder, Rodriguez Limo was appointed minister of the interior. He stayed in office for less than three months until July 15, 2020. (Alejo Marchessini, correspondent for Grupo Edefa in Lima).

Photo: Brigadier General (r) Walter Chavez Cruz Secretary of Defense.

Lieutenant General Gaston Rodriguez Limo Minister of the Interior.

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