Brazilian naval fusiliers acquire armored vehicles and Unimog trucks from JTLV Oshkoshy – news

On November 24th, the Brazilian Navy signed the purchase of 90 Unimog 5000 trucks with the German company Daimler Truck AG. Latest generation military vehicles They are suitable for operations in any terrain and are particularly suitable for amphibious operations of the Naval Rifle Corps (CFN). The various batches of UNIMOG 5000 heavy vehicles, including vehicles used to transport troops and equipment, water and fuel tanks, coolers and dump trucks, will arrive between 2021 and 2027.

This acquisition, which will significantly increase the organization’s combat capabilities, follows another recently signed contract between the armed forces and the United States government to obtain a batch of 12 light armored vehicles on wheels 4 × 4 Oshkosh? ? Joint Light Tactical Vehicle? (JLTV), deliveries are expected from 2022.

The JLTV Light Armored Vehicle, an avant-garde project by the United States Armed Forces, adds strong armor, mobility and firepower, and is expected to enable the Naval Rifle Corps’ task force to expand to conduct amphibious operations in Brazil. including ensuring law and order or peacekeeping missions.

The contracts also provide for the establishment of maintenance structures with the necessary spare parts, devices, tools and courses. The acquisition of these new vehicles takes place within the framework of PROADSUMUS, the sub-program of funds for sea fusiliers, which is part of the Navy’s strategic program to build the core of the sea power.

The PROADSUMUS sub-program was created to consolidate and expand the operational capabilities of the Naval Rifle Corps and to ensure that it functions as the ultimate amphibious and expeditionary naval force and contributes to the other tasks of the Brazilian naval power. Maintaining these last generation means at the frontier of military technology ensures a great deal of versatility and flexibility for the weapon, expanding its operational availability and ability to project power in areas of national strategic interest. (Javier Bonilla)

Photo: Oshkosh 4 × 4 lightly armored wheeled vehicle ?? Joint Light Tactical Vehicle ?? (JLTV)

UNIMOG 5000 heavy vehicle

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