Brazil in the fight against piracy against Covid-Noticias

Under the motto Pirate Vaccines, No! The Ministry of Justice and Public Security is launching a campaign on social networks through the National Consumer Secretariat (MJSP / Senacon) to combat the sale of counterfeit vaccines against Covid-19. The aim is to make consumers aware that currently only the government through the Single Health System (SUS) is authorized to supply the vaccine for free.

Juliana Domingues, the national consumer secretary and president of the National Council to Combat Piracy, said Senacon is analyzing more than two thousand virtual sites that are suspected of in some way offering pirated vaccines or deceiving consumers. Senacon will also scan e-commerce platforms (marketplaces) to identify illegal advertising and marketing.

This commercialization is a crime and poses risks to the health and safety of Brazilian citizens. We are launching the campaign on the Ministry of Justice and Public Security’s social networks to alert consumers that there is no online purchase of vaccines for Covid-19, he explains. The secretary affirmed that the vaccine against Covid-19 is free and only sold by the Single Health System.

According to Guilherme Vargas, executive secretary of the National Council to Combat Piracy (CNCP), the matter has been considered urgently. We call on Anvisa (National Health Surveillance Agency) and the organs of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security (MJSP), in particular the Secretariat for Integrated Operations (Seopi) and the Federal Police, to establish a joint strategy to ensure the health and safety of the Brazilian Consumer.

With the increasing expansion of electronic commerce, especially during the pandemic, the commercialization of pirated copies in the digital environment is already known to the CNCP, which even in 2020 published two guides with best practices and guidelines to mitigate the problem.

The National Consumer Secretariat has also set up an exclusive email channel to focus the complaints of the cases. (Javier Bonilla)

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