Boris Johnson claims ready to use force to defend Gibraltar and the Falkland Islands

Despite the agreement between Spain and the UK late last year, about which little is known in practice, the territorial claims on the Gibraltar Pen have served British Prime Minister Boris Johnson with a valid warning sent the way for Argentina.

On the 16th, the last strategic review in the United Kingdom was published under the name Global Britain in a Competitive Age: the integrated review of security, defense, development and foreign policy. Recently presented to the House of Commons by the UK Prime Minister, which includes increasing defense investments by £ 16,000 million over the next four years. This document, which we will discuss shortly, looks at how the UK will protect its fourteen overseas territories and deter and defend itself from governmental and non-governmental threats.

Earlier this month, Vox tabled a non-legal proposal in the Andalusian Parliament calling on the Junta de Andaluca to ask the central government to reject an agreement with the UK that implies a transfer or qualification of the claims. History of Spain on the pen and the demand for immediate unemployment and reintegration into the national territory. It is also asked that the Junta de Andaluca denounce the concealment of the agreement reached by the two governments and serve as a framework for relations between the two countries on Gibraltar.

According to the British media, Boris Johnson’s response to this claim could not have been more forceful than that he would have been ready to defend Gibraltar from outside aggression, as he would in the case of the Falkland Islands. For the United Kingdom, for example, the navigation of ships of the Spanish Navy or the Civil Guard through Spanish territorial waters is seen as aggression in what it regards as territorial waters. (Jos M Navarro Garca)

Photo: The Pen de Gibraltar as seen from the Malaspina hydrographic ship (Spanish Navy)

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