Boeing qualifies 3D printing material for use in parts of corporate aircraft

Boeing has qualified the Antero 800NA thermoplastic in its repertoire of 3D printing functions. The announcement means that Stratasys Ltd’s high temperature material can now be used in flight parts for Boeing aircraft.

The Antero 800NA material is a PEKK-based polymer specially developed for Stratasys FDM 3D printers at the production level by Stratasys – a world leader in additive manufacturing or 3D printing technology.

Boeing introduced the BMS8-444 specification and added 800NA material to its Qualified Product List (QPL) following a comprehensive product performance assessment. It is the first from Stratasys to be qualified by Boeing for applications with high chemical resistance or chemical requirements. fatigue.

“Boeing saw the tremendous usefulness of the Antero 800NA for parts and applications that could not previously be 3D printed,” said Scott Sevcik, vice president of aerospace, Stratasys. “Additive manufacturing offers tremendous benefits in terms of simplifying supply chains in the aerospace industry, both in the manufacture of original equipment and in maintenance and repair services. However, it has required developing more robust materials to meet the demanding flight requirements and that is exactly what we did with Antero 800NA. “

The Antero material family includes 800NA and 840CN03, an ESD variant (Electrostatic Dissipation). Stratasys supplies these materials to customers with the Stratasys F900 and Fortus 450mc 3D printers and as a customer material option through Stratasys Direct Manufacturing.

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