Boeing approaches Delta Air Lines and seeks unprecedented sales of 737 MAX

Delta has several 737 NGs in its current fleet

Boeing reached out to Delta Air Lines with an offer to sell up to forty B737 MAXs that were not accepted by other customers, Reuters said, citing two sources close to the development. None of the companies commented on the news agency’s report, which indicated that other potential customers were addressed in addition to Delta.

Delta Air Lines remains the only major U.S. airline with no B737 MAX in its fleet or to order, although the company previously commented that it had no dislike for the model. The company has currently ordered 25 more A321-200s and 100 A321-200Ns from Airbus, but there is not a single aircraft – be it narrow or wide fuselage – from Boeing.

The American manufacturer lost more than 400 orders for the B737 MAX in 2020 alone. This is due to weak demand for new aircraft from the airlines destroyed by COVID and the long process of recertifying the model.

Despite the stranding of all B737 MAX aircraft in March 2019 and the subsequent suspension of new deliveries, Boeing continued to produce new units until the beginning of 2020, ceased production and resumed them in May 2020. In total, Boeing has five B737 MAX 7s ready for delivery, along with 384 B737 MAX 8s, twenty-seven B737-8-200s (from Ryanair), three B737 MAX 8s (BBJ), forty-five B737-9s and four B737-10s.

When reaching out to new customers offering these aircraft, Boeing should definitely offer a huge discount. Will Delta accept? The Atlanta-based airline has operated many Boeing aircraft in the past, including earlier versions of the 737, such as the one that illustrates the introduction of this story.

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