Boeing 747 with sheep has an engine failure and animals are grazing at the airport

John Taggart’s photo via Wikimedia

An unusual incident was reported in Iran on October 17th. An Iran Air Boeing 747-200 registered by the EP-ICD flew with the IR-4704 between Adana in Turkey and Doha in Qatar. At this point the crew noticed a problem with one of the aircraft’s four CF-6 engines.

As reported by The Aviation Herald, the jet was still at FL310 (31,000 feet or approximately 10,000 meters) and relatively close to Tehran at the time, so the crew could turn off the defective engine and transfer to Iman Khomeini Airport, which the Serving capital of the country.

Despite landing at its operational base, Iran Air did not have a reserve aircraft to continue the journey, which resulted in all of the cargo, consisting of hundreds of sheep, landing and being placed on the edge of the airport very near the runway.

The result of all of this is a likely unfamiliar scene which is featured in the videos below (expected to be loaded)

An IranAir flight with sheep from Turkey, which you don’t see every day, had to make an emergency landing in order to release the sheep on the runway.

– Daniel Rád (@DanielKRad), October 18, 2020

The pictures show that the animals appear peaceful, very close to the aircraft and surrounded by pallets and items from Iran Air. Certainly there was no shepherd to better organize the animals, although some of them are comfortably grazing in the Tehran sun. .

According to the Iranian media, the animals had to wait more than fifty hours for the plane to be repaired and were able to continue their journey.

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