Blau equips a Cessna Grand Caravan with the flag painting

For the first time, a Cessna Grand Caravan by the newcomer Azul Conecta was photographed with the painting “Bandeirão”, with which several larger Azul aircraft are already equipped.

The aircraft photographed has the registration number PT-MEJ and was in a hangar in São José dos Campos, in the interior of São Paulo, when the photograph was taken.

The aircraft was due to join the Azul Conecta fleet later this month and operate flights to multiple destinations in Brazil, mainly the region. Azul also has another Cessna Grand Caravan with a special color, PT-MED, equipped with color from the October Pink campaign (photo below).

Photo: Gisele Orquidea

Azul Connect

In the second half of 2019, Azul announced that it had proposed the acquisition of Two Flex for R $ 123 million. The negotiations were concluded this year.

At the time, Two Flex had 17 Cessna Gran Caravan planes, the new planes of which can cost more than $ 2 million each. However, Azul’s goal was a bit higher as Two Flex was built into its network.

At the time of the acquisition, Two Flex was serving 36 targets, which Azul had retained after the acquisition.

The acquisition was approved by CADE in 2020 and the contract closed. At that time, the name Azul Conecta was already in company headquarters and many employees were talking about the change.

Azul Conecta is currently authorized to operate aircraft with up to 19 seats in accordance with the rules of RBAC 121. The company fits into the ultra-regional legislation “recently” created by ANAC in collaboration with international bodies.

Three Azul Conecta planes offer special cargo flights. You have been switched to this type of service. The Grand Caravan has two rear doors, one large and one small. This is evidence of the mission of the quick change airplane (convertible).

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