Biped for the HK G-36 assault rifles of the Spanish snipers

Spanish company Milypol Suministros Especiales will supply 227 bpods for the HK G-36 assault rifles for the Army’s elite riflemen, according to the tender from the Logistics Support Command’s economic headquarters.

Mylipol supplies the BRB G 200 bpods from the American manufacturer Accu-Tac, a model that is derived from the BR 4 but adapted to the specifications of the Spanish army. As early as May, when the competition was published, we came to the conclusion that these were models from the Californian brand Accu-Tac, as it was finally selected.

It is a device that is attached to the lower part of the handguard and allows the shooter to support his assault rifle and carry out precise fire. In this case, a compact, adjustable model with different heights was sought that offers improvements over the traditional Harris Bpods.

One of the features included in the technical regulations (PPT) of the offer is that the bpode must guarantee the perfect coupling with the assault rifle, weighs less than 570 grams, is made of 6061 T6 aluminum or similar with an anodized finish. in black and adjustable in height in five positions depending on the opening angle of the legs. The heights go from 140 mm. (Supports at 45 degrees) at 210 mm. (Feet at 90 degrees). (Jos M Navarro Garca)

Photo: LongPrecission exercise where you can see multiple combinations of precision rifles equipped with Bpods (Army).

The BRB 2 200 from Accu-Tac (Accu-Tac)

An SR5-QD-Bpode mounted on an assault rifle (Accu-Tac)

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