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Sometimes it seems that the concepts of leadership are purely rhetorical, academic, with utopian connotations, and definitely dogmatic; Nothing could be further from the truth if we understand leadership as a leadership style that makes processes more efficient and makes people better and happier. This practical and realistic approach gives Borja Milans del Bosch’s work enormous added value. In search of the essence of leadership, the author delves into the most intimate, personal and personal faces, perhaps the most precious and brightest faces of this multi-faceted diamond that is leadership to unwind an interesting original work. and practical. With these words, the admiral and ex-chief of staff Fernando Garca Snchez sums up the central idea of ​​this essay.

We highlight this work because its author has extensive experience in training on the orders of the armies. He has had the opportunity to take part in numerous training courses on leadership in the armed forces, including coaching skills for troops and non-commissioned officers, as well as leadership with officer coaching tools. He has also participated in the General Promotion Course (ESFAS), the Infantry Academy, the Aviation Academy of the Land Army (ACAVET), the Armada de Gran Canaria Arsenal and the Air Defense Artillery Regiment.

In “Be a Role Model. Little Big Leaders” he wanted to capture a personal leadership model that, due to its great humanistic accent, offers the professional a new and enriching perspective, regardless of his job, his level of responsibility and the accumulated knowledge, the years in which you were in that job, or the number of colleagues you have. It is a leadership model that focuses exclusively on the person and a transcendent dimension of their work and is one hundred percent applicable to professional life and also to privacy, as was the case with the armed forces.

In a team, the people who inspire have to grow in four important meta-competencies: a positive mentality, which shows courage in difficult situations, which shows human values ​​in their behavior and who know how to deal with their own “ego”. by providing simplicity. The subtle difference is that instead of waiting for this to be given to us by others, each and every one of us initiates and sets in motion the virtuous circle to contribute and deliver what we are ready to receive. The key for the writer is to relate to the events or circumstances – no matter how unfavorable – with the best possible point of view and perspective in order to bring all of our resources into play. Of course, it’s one thing to be positive and quite another to live in a cloud of self-delusion. In the face of adversity, it teaches that the most important thing is how we devote ourselves to the projects and work that lies ahead: either we really give ourselves or we don’t give ourselves; We either put our hearts into what we do or we quickly become discouraged and amazed. He is also very insistent on human values, an essential aspect of the life of the armed forces, the basis of his ideology. Regarding the management of the “efo”, he bluntly says that we all enjoy interacting with flat and close people; Well, let’s be one of them to make it easier for others to relate to us more and better. (Gabriel Cortina)

Be an example. Little great leaders.
Borja Milans del Bosch
Editorial Eunsa
176 pages

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