Bath and alcohol released on Emirates aircraft

Emirates ‘New Normal’ Disclosure

Emirates starts its special experience on board, which has been completely redesigned for the “new normal”. As a result, the renowned Onboard Lounge & Shower Spa of the Airbus A380 resumed operations with the introduction of additional health and safety measures. The airline has expanded its range by introducing a nutrient-rich welcome drink for the winter.

Bar on board

The A380 Onboard Lounge, which serves First Class and Business Class customers, is becoming a bar again, but with limited seating capacity and protocols for social distance. The bar continues to serve wines, spirits, soft drinks and packaged snacks for customers to enjoy in the comfort of their own location.

Customers can also order from their seats if they prefer. The social areas in Business Class on Boeing 777 and First Class aircraft have also reopened with prepackaged snacks for customers to pick up.

Bath at 13 thousand meters

First-class travelers can take a bath again at 13,000 meters above sea level. Luxury spa products are offered in individual gift bags for each guest. The sets contain essential pampering items from the award-winning Irish organic and sustainable Irish brand VOYA, a disposable bath towel and a menu to choose from additional amenities.

Onboard Spa on the Emirates A380

In addition, from November 1st, the dining experience on board Emirates will resume operations in compliance with strict hygiene protocols. Customers of all classes enjoy multi-course meals and choose from a free selection of beverages, including wine and beer, as well as juices and soft drinks. Cocktails are also served in premium classes.

In Economy Class, passengers can choose between 2 wines. In Business Class, customers can choose from 6 wines, including port and champagne. In First Class, customers can choose from 11 wines, including dessert wine, port wine and Dom Perignon champagne.

The Emirates app has also been enhanced to allow onboard customers to browse the menus on their personal devices both online and offline with the latest app update.

Emirates also announces that a welcome drink will soon be offered in the premium classes Vitality Boost, First Class and Business Class. The airline’s chefs and nutritionists have created a refreshing blend of apple, ginger and special hibiscus. The vegan drink contains antioxidants and does not contain gluten or sugar.

Anti-Covid Insurance

Emirates is committed to free coverage of COVID-19 related medical expenses if passengers are diagnosed with COVID-19 outside of their home country. This coverage is immediate for customers flying Emirates through December 31, 2020 for 31 days from the time they fly in the first sector of their trip.

This means that Emirates customers can continue to benefit from the additional guarantee of this coverage even if they travel to another city after arriving at Emirates’ destination. Further details were announced at

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