AZUL’s new Airbus A330neo is returning to France for test flights

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Airbus A330neo in flight in France

As we introduced to you earlier this month, Azul Linhas Aéreas has three other large Airbus A330neo aircraft that can be received directly from the factory, two of which were practically ready before the crisis triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic due to the critical Moments of aviation.

The A330-900, which will fly with the Brazilian registration number PR-ANX, was brought from Toulouse to the Châteauroux Center on April 23rd, and shortly afterwards, on April 30th, it was at PR-ANW, to the same storage location reach .

Both stayed there for 5 months when they were returned to Toulouse on September 23rd and 24th. However, there had been no additional movements in the weeks following the transfer, leaving uncertainties as to whether or not the jets would return to testing before delivery.

Now, however, flight records show the two are back on duty, which could mean their deliveries to Azul are getting closer and closer.


The PR-ANX, serial number 1924, which flies in Airbus tests with the registration number F-WWCK, has made two flights in the last few days. The first, on the 15th, lasted 1 hour and reached 31,000 feet in altitude before returning to Toulouse. The second, only 20 minutes long and only up to 4,000 feet high, took place this Wednesday, October 21st.


The PR-ANW in turn made only one flight with the serial number 1934 and the F-WWYF registration with Airbus. It started on Tuesday October 20th but was a long test of 2 hours and 43 minutes and reached 41,000 feet altitude and also returned to Toulouse one after the other.

In addition to the two above, we recall again that the other specimen, serial number 1952, registered under the Brazilian registration number PR-ANV and the pink color of the October Pink Campaign, has a long way to go before delivery has. It has also been removed from storage, but the engines still need to be installed and all ground and flight tests performed.

So if you bet that two more brand new Airbus A330neo will arrive in Brazil? Will it be before the end of this difficult year 2020?

Receive the news on your mobile, click to access the AEROIN channel via Telegram and our profile on Instagram.

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