Azul will donate part of the proceeds from “Espaço Rosa” to the Barretos Cancer Hospital

To celebrate 10 years of support for October Rosa later this month, Azul Rosa will be through various activities to support the awareness campaign about the importance of breast cancer prevention and early detection.

One of these, unprecedented and special, to celebrate a decade of the company’s commitment to the cause, is to reverse some of the accumulated revenue from the sale of Espaço Azul, some rows of extra legroom at the front of the aircraft, into credits for that Azul Rosa liaison project that increases the number of women transported to carry out their treatments in the units of the Hospital de Amor, a reference for cancer treatment in Brazil.

Conexão Azul Rosa is a social project that has been developed in collaboration with the Hospital de Amor since 2017. Azul transports women at every stage of breast cancer treatment, together with their companions, from anywhere in Brazil to one of the Hospital de Amor units or hospital facilities closest to where they live. In the four years of its existence, the project has supported 105 women with the donation of tickets so that they can travel to carry out the operations and interventions in this very delicate moment in life with more comfort, speed and affection. Between this year and October 2021, 15 more women are expected to be involved in the campaign.

Blue plus pink

10 years ago, the company dedicated itself to the cause of breast cancer prevention and made it its most important social cause. It transported women in treatment and raised awareness of the disease through internal, external, and even on-board campaigns. This year, according to the Tripadvisor ranking 2020, the best airline in the world wants to inform and sensitize even more women about the importance of prevention in order to increase the chances of early detection of the disease kills more women in the world.

The numbers show the scope of the results: More than 19 million Blue Customers were affected by October Rosa’s initiatives, 31 flight milestones where Azul’s Victims, crew members who won the disease, gave their testimonials and their experiences as shared incentive for other women currently having the problem.

During these years the company has won several partners along the way. The first action started in 2011, in the first year of the campaign, with the painting of an Embraer 190 jet in pink in collaboration with the Brazilian manufacturer, who brought the message of prevention across the country. In 2012, the aircraft manufacturer ATR also participated in the adaptation of the aircraft aimed at the campaign. This initiative became a registered trademark of Azul and is still present today.

In the years that followed, successful actions were taken in partnership with institutions such as the Brazilian Federation of Philanthropic Institutions in Support of Breast Health Support (FEMAMA), the NGO Renda Rosa, Santa Casa de Misericórdia de Marília and AC Camargo Hospital, which currently own the hospital de Amor and the Brazilian Mastology Society as partners.

Azul’s People Director, Camila Almeida, said the positive ten year track record of the company’s October Pink campaign shows the company’s commitment to advancing the work of providing information about the disease. “The achievement of this milestone in a decade with great partners, relevant measures that affect our crew and customers, show our increasing commitment to the cause. Every year we step up more campaigns and, together with society, take an even greater flight into this fight against breast cancer ”, celebrates.

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