Axians will implement the telecommunications access networks of the Ministry of Defense’s Integral Information Infrastructure (I3D) for 33.4 million euros-Noticias

Axians, known as Acuntia until 2018, received a framework agreement in March of last year from the head of the finance department of the Department of Defense’s Infrastructure Directorate-General for the implementation of the telecommunications access networks of the Department of Integral Infrastructure Information of the Department of Defense (I3D) with a budget of 33.4 million euros .

In 2017 Acuntia joined the Axians Group of the Vinci Energies Group and changed its name in July 2018. Vinci Energies is dedicated to the area of ​​information and communication technology. In Spain, the company is a leader in solutions and services for IP convergence networks, secure systems and applications, consulting, integration, management and outsourcing.

An urgent need

In September last year, we analyzed the start of the tender to formalize a framework agreement for the implementation of the telecommunications access networks of the Ministry of Defense’s Integral Information Infrastructure (I3D) for 33.4 million euros. In July, the Council of Ministers approved the conclusion of this three-year framework agreement at the stated estimated value. By and large, this tender includes the supply, installation, configuration and commissioning of network electronics, security and IP telephony equipment (Internet Protocol) as well as the supply and installation of structured cables in accordance with the provisions of the Global Architecture of Information and Communication Systems and Technologies Ministry of Defense (AG CIS / TIC).

Because of its strategic nature, Department of Defense information must be reliable, accessible, and adequately protected. To achieve this, Strategic Axis 1 (EE.1) was set up to work towards a single Comprehensive Defense Information Infrastructure (I3D) managed by CESTIC. This axis is developed in the Ministry of Defense’s Strategic Plan for Information and Communication Systems and Technologies (PECIS). The strategic objective OE 1.1 is again included in relation to the design and provision of the telecommunications infrastructure functions of I3D, which also include telecommunications access networks.

The services of this I3D are influenced by the concept of employment of the Joint Forces of the Chief of Staff of Defense (JEMAD), by the operational needs of the armies, and by the essential services of national defense in the networks and systems of political consultation. Transmission of classified information, governance and sectoral management. As a further development of the above-mentioned CIS / ICT policy through instruction 58/2016 of October 28 of the State Secretary for Defense the global architecture of information and communication systems and technologies of the Ministry of Defense (AG CIS / ICT), in which all capacities of the Ministry of Defense are based identified and described at a high level. Operational capabilities are supported by CIS / TIC capabilities (CIS / TIC devices and services), which must also meet the established operational objectives and requirements.

Progress is being made towards a common infrastructure that provides all telecommunications services, the Defense Comprehensive Information Infrastructure or I3D mentioned above. Telecommunications infrastructure functions include telecommunications services, which in turn include transmission services and telecommunications access services.

Telecommunication access services include multimedia access services, which include voice access services, which are services for delivering or exchanging voice over packets, frames, circuits, or accessing a digital connection through adaptation (encoding and compression) and Access services are packet-based and enable the provision or exchange of data (including digitized video and voice) that are encapsulated in IP packets. Finally, after a transition period, all specific defense and national security services must have migrated to the new I3D network operated by the Department of Defense. (Jos M Navarro Garca)

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Future situation of the CIS ICT infrastructures (Ministry of Defense)

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